New Beginnings.

This teeny tiny blog started last year when I had students participate in the “30 Day Slice of Life” challenge. I started doing a couple of posts on here, and then switched over to KidBlog as our medium.

Well, a lot has changed since I posted in March. I went from living in my beloved town of East Grand Rapids and teaching the most fantastic group of kiddos to leaving everything behind (including my husband, house, and puppy) to take a year for myself. A year where I could in every sense of the word “outgrow myself” as my professor Lucy Calkins says. I know this year will be full of challenges, but I also know that it will be a year that I never forget. And to ensure that I never forget it, I want to use this little slice of the internet to record my feelings and thoughts about my day-to-day life here in the Big Apple.

During orientation, one of the professors said his biggest piece of advice was to write every day. And for someone who shamefully admits that she doesn’t write nearly enough, this is a big task. One that I am a bit nervous about to be honest. But I am set on working to write as often as I can so that I never forget this experience. And I am also working on truly practicing what I preach. I teach students the importance of writing for themselves, yet often I come up with excuses not to do so myself. We think we have these fantastic elephant-like memories, but the truth is, we so often forget little mundane details (and even things that feel big in the moment). So, this here will be my attempt to remember. My attempt to capture how I am feeling. My attempt to put into words this next chapter of my life.